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Skatetime is more than providing skates to schools. It's a complete business format that gives you the tools and knowledge you need to organize, market, train and deliver a quality physical education program to schools. As a Skatetime franchisee you will receive assistance in every aspect of your business.

Skatetime has perfected the system, and you benefit.

The Skatetime franchise reflects a marketing and operations program that has made a direct contribution to improve physical education in schools for a number of years. You have the opportunity to join a growing and respected organization providing a valuable service to schools everywhere. Every facet of the business has been carefully tested and refined for performance. As an owner of a Skatetime franchise, you'll enjoy extensive support from a franchise organization dedicated to helping you build a satisfying and rewarding business.
An Exclusive Territory

You will operate in a clearly defined, exclusive area, with complete knowledge of the schools and districts that constitute your customers.


Skatetime will offer you detailed training in administrative, marketing and sales techniques that have been tested and proven through years of experience.

Franchise Operations Manual

You will have access to the proprietary Skatetime Franchise Operations Manual, which offers you an excellent reference tool, a training guideline, and an operating procedure.

Proprietary Software

The proprietary Skatetime computer software is available to assist you in the operation of your Skatetime franchise.

Skatetime Purchasing Programs

You will have access to Skatetime purchasing power,
enabling you to purchase the equipment you need at
the best possible price.
Skatetime Video

Skatetime has developed video training materials in two parts. One is an operating procedure for skating instructors. Second is a training program for students, which demonstrates techniques for safe skating.

Territory Development and Promotion

Skatetime will spend one week on or around the opening date of your business to guide you in proper procedures and answer any final questions that you may have prior to full-scale operations. After your Skatetime franchise is in operation, you will continue to receive promotional support in the form of powerful direct mail programs and testimonials from other territories.

Field Support

Skatetime will provide you with regularly scheduled visits from field representatives who will assist you with questions on operating and marketing your Skatetime franchise.


Like Summer vacation?

You work when schools are in session. When school is out, so are you. You'll be able to enjoy family time, golf, tennis, hiking, traveling or working on projects.

  No selling in the traditional sense.

We help you set up your initial marketing programs. We show you how to contact and interest physical education teachers in schools. This is a popular program. Physical education teachers are looking for interesting, active programs that they can support. These are activities that continue throughout a person's entire life, and this is what physical education specialists want-teaching physical activities that will continue for a lifetime.

  A long-term business that grows rapidly, as your management skills grow.

Skatetime School Programs are so popular that schools continue to skate year after year. The need for quality physical education programs are in high demand. This market gets bigger and stronger each and every year.